Elegant, sustainable heirloom quality furniture

Hidden in the ancient Oak woodland that surrounds his family workshop in West Sussex, Ted works to an ethos of sustainability, displaying the beauty of British hardwoods. It's here Ted designs and makes contemporary wooden furniture that is exquisitely hand crafted.

Ted's family history is engrained with design and woodwork heritage. The son of a classic boat builder, Ted took up studying at Oxford Brookes University, where he began to explore the concept of furniture as a scaled down form of architecture. His collection continues the appreciation of the fundamental relationship between furniture and the surrounding interior.

Ted is fastidious in his selection of wood, and using sustainably grown British wood is a simple yet elegant solution to locking away carbon for generations to come. It is Ted's fond hope that, through his work. He will emphasise and encourage sustainability, permanancy and narrative, creating a counterbalance to the throwaway culture of modern society.